Academy Award Winners

  • 2009 Jarek Maciaczyk, M.D.,
    • "Restricted spontoneous in vitro difterentiation and region - specific migration of long-term expended fetal human neural precursor cells after transplantion into the adult rat brain"
  • 2011 Akın Akakın, M.D.,
    • "The dentate nucleus and its projection system in the human cerebllum:
      a microsurgical anatomical study"
  • 2016 Yu Lin,
    • "Relationship between Perisylvian essential language sites and arcuate fasciculus in the left hemisphere of a group of healthy mandarin-speaking adults: a navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and DTI study"
  • 2016 Ben Shofty,
    • "Disrupted functional connectivity in NF1 mice and children"