Places of Conventions and Theme's

September 25 - 28
Bonn Pain - A Medical and Anthopological Challenge
October 5 - 6
Hakone Cerebrum Convalescit
August 30 - September 2
Brussels Personality and Neurosurgery
September 25 - 28
Bangkok Consciousness and Brain Death
Septemver 19 - 22
Budapest Language and Speech;
Problems of Communication
September 16 - 19
Seoul Behaviour and Neurosurgery
October 6 - 8
Copenhagen Future Neurosurgery as a Reflection of Neurosurgical History
November 8 - 9
Sydney Art, Music and the Brain
July 29 - August 1
Maastricht Ethics in Neurosurgery
July 28 - 30
Bali Fantasy of the Brain
June 27 - 29
London Molecular Neurosurgery:
Scientific and Ethical Aspects
October 10 - 12
Nara Neurosurgical Education Functional Restoration and Regeneration of the Brain
September 1 - 3
Bamberg Medical Technologies for Neurosurgery
September 14 - 16
Tienjin The Challenge for Neurosurgery in 21. Century
June 11 - 14
İstanbul Impact of the Academies on Scientific Life
February 17 - 20
Mumbai A Holistic Approach to the Realm of Neurosurgery
July 15 - 18
Cambridge Academic Neurosurgery: Quo Vadis?
March 6 - 8
Hong Kong Ethical and Effective Applications of Modern Technology in Clinical Neurosciences
May 19 - 22
Israel Dreams: The Future of Clinical Neuroscience
June 6 - 8
Japan Neurosurgery in Future -Ethics, Patient Safety, and Technology

The First Meeting

The first convention which took place in Bonn, is September 1985, was particularly important since it coincided with the official foundation of the Academia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica. The main theme "Pain -a medical and anthropological challenge "was an excellent subject for profound discussions. During the inauguration ceremony Hans Pia, the President, delivered a moving speech on the aims of the Academy; Mrs. A.M.Luyendijk - Elshout gave a special lecture on Academies in History and Fr.Bockel presented another special lecture on the anthropological challenge of pain.

Prof. Pia's speech was very encouraging : "A warm welcome is extended to the participants in the Inauguration Ceremony, at the inception of the Academia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica, founded in 1984, and to its first Scientific Convention!

The foundation members and officers of the Academy would like to fulfil their duty in presenting to the puplic this first Society composed of leading neurosurgeons of all the countries of Asia and Europe, by explaining the particular task and aims of the Academy.I must emphasize, first of all, that the Academy is not an elitist, exclusive professional society and its aim is not to have narrow, speciality orientated meetings.The conventions of the Academy will take place alternately in Asia and Europe and its primary concern wii be the manifold and diverse aspects of the human brain and their impact on life in general. We believe that the multiplicity of spiritual and cultural thoughts in both continents will provide an excellent basis for a dialogue within the Academy and with the biological sciences and humanities. The important task of the Academy is to recognize this danger and to devote its attention to the questions of tradition, ethics and morality.The choice of the first topic "Pain-a medical and anthropological challenge" illustrates our ideas. We will try to approach the phenomenon of pain and suffering, one of the most urgent problems of contemporary man, from several points of view.The Inauguration ceremony is scheduled to take place in Godesberger Redoute. We feel honoured by the presence of the honourable Prof. Karl Carstens, past President of the Federal Republic of Germany, as the representative of this country, by the presence of ambassadors of several countries of Asia and Europe in Germany, the representatives of Academies, research institutions, universities, great world religions and personalities of public life and industry.

The German members of the Academy welcome cordially all the members and guests. We will try to make your stay in Bonn a pleasant one. It is a small and yet a great city, an old and yet a young city upon the Rhine, in which the Romans, the Carolingians, the Archbishop- Electors of Cologne have left their traces. It is a town with many old people but also with the atmosphere which is created by the University and the presence of many young students. Since 1959, as the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany political life has also been concentrated here. Several things have changed over the ages but the wonderful location, the countryside and the cheerfulness of the Rhenish people has continued unchanged. We hope that you will have a pleasant stay here. Welcome to Bonn."

In addition to the scientific meeting, two important sessions of the general assembly were held at the first one on September 25,the President Pia gave a short review of the working sessions followed by an announcement the foundation of the Academy; then, a medal and badges were handed over to the Asian members by the President H.Pia and to the European members by the President Elect K.Sano. Afterwards, W.Luyendijk submitted the constitution to the members, F.Walder gave a report on the financial situation of the Academy and F.Loew reported shortly on the work made by the two secretaries. The participants in this first assembly were: Gustilo, Manilla; Pandya, Bombay; Bagchi, Calcutta; Nguyen Thuong Wuan, Hanoi; Kitamura, Fukuoka; Lorenz, Frankfurt; Bock, Düsseldorf; Jensen, Kiel; Samii, Hanover; Steiner, Stockholm; Iskarno, Bandung; Ramamurthi, Madras; Pertuiset, Paris; van den Bergh, Leuven; Schürmann, Mainz; Merei, Pecs; Vasconcellos Marques, Lisboa;

Luyendijk, Leiden; Calatayud, Zaragoza; Ishii, Tokyo; Pia, Gieszen; Brihaye, Brussels; Loew, Hamburg/Saar; Pasztor, Budapest; Waiden, Nijmegen; Sir Douglas Miller, Sidney; Guidetti, Roma; Bartal, Tel Aviv; Foroglou, Thessaloniki; Suwanwela, Bangkok; Kristiansen, Oslo; Shih, Taipei; Lausberg, Bochum; Erbengi, Ankara; de Vet ,Oud Turnhout; Fahlbusch, Erlangen; Karaguiosov, Sofia.

The second session of the general assembly was held on September 28.The President Pia proceeded to the election of the officers of the Academy for the next convention in Japan and of the officers of the membership committee. The President-Elect, K.Sano, became the new President; the Vice-President, J.Brihaye, became President-Elect and Ch Suwanwela (Bangkok) was elected Vice-President and Chung-Chen Wang (Beijing) became Honorary Vice-President. The term of the two secretaries, of the two treasurers, of the membership committee end of the Historian was prolonged.Doctors N.G.Dan (Sidney),K.Takakura (Tokyo), B.Guidetti (Roma) and B.Pertuiset (Paris) were elected members of the membership committee.

The sites and venues of the second and third conventions were considered. In addition to the members present at the first session of the assembly, the following colleagues attended this second meeting: Isamat, Barcelona; Schurr, London; Klun, Ljubljana; van der Werf, Amsterdam; van Alphen, Amsterdam; Bushe, Würzberg; Calliauw, Gent; Dietz, Hanover; Takakura, Tokyo and Paoletti, Pavia.

The proceedings of this first convention were published in 1987: "Pain, a medical and anthropological challenge"; Acta Neurochirurgica, Supplementum 38.


The Second Meeting:

The second convention took place in Hakone, situated at the lake of Ashinoko, Japan, on October 5-6,1986.The theme of the scientific session was "Cerebrum Convalescit"(the brain recovers), i.e. the plasticity of the cerebral nervous system. Noteworthy was a philosophical lecture on the problem of mind in eastern philosophy and an impressive Koto recital, the old and best-loved traditional Japanese music.

During the opening ceremony the founder of the Academy, Hans Werner Pia, was commemorated; he had passed away on July 9,1986.

At the third general assembly of the Academy on October 6,the allotted number of active members was settled to 100 and the revised constitution and Bylaws were definitely approved. A.L.Zülch, Sir Douglas Miller and H.W.Pia were proposed by the Administrative Council as honorary members,and the proposal was unanimously accepted . With regard to the election of the officers, J.Brihaye became President of the Academy and Charas Suwanwela President-Elect; E.Pasztor became vice -President and Lindsay Symon Honorary Vice-President .The assembly elected also Kil Soo Choi, David G.T.Thomas, Christer Lindquist and Masashi Fukui on the membership committee. Representatives from several countries of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt) were unanimously accepted as members of the Academy since the Administrative Council felt that the North African and European cultures are so closely connected.

The proceedings of the second convention "Plasticity of the nervous system" have been published in Acta Neurochirurgica, Supplementum 41,1987.


The Third Meeting:

The third convention was held in Brussels, Belgium, on August 30-September 2,1987, and was presided over by Jean Brihaye . The general theme concerned "Personality and Neurosurgery"; the meaning of human personality, the role of various pathological conditions and the impact of psychosurgery were considered. The Ambassador of Japan delivered a speech during the opening ceremony and a special lecture was given by Mr. Bradeleer on behaviorism in East and West in relation to Zen Buddhism with relevant psychoanalytical aspects.

During the meeting of the general assembly, on September 1st, new officers were elected: Ch. Suwanwela as President, E. Pasztor as President-Elect, K.S.Choi as Vice-President and R.lskarno as Honorary Vice-President. Fons Walder, having been elected secretary of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, resigned and A. van Alphen succeeded him as treasurer.

A silk neck-tie printed with the logo of the Academy was made up and given to each academician

The proceedings of this convention were published in 1988: "Personality and Neurosurgery", Acta Neurochirurgica, Supplementum 44.


The Fourth Meeting:

The fourth convention took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 25-28,1988,on the general topic "Consciousness and Brain Death". The convention was immediately followed by the third Asian Neurosurgical meeting, thus allowing the academicians to attend it during the convention. A stimulating half-day was dedicated to Buddhism meditation (theory and practice) while Ramamurthi discussed the meaning of consciousness; on behalf of the European group, Brihaye gave a lecture on "Philosophical and Ethical problems regarding life and death".

According to the constitution, E. Pasztor became President of the Academy for the next convention in Budapest and K.S.Choi became President-Elect.FI.Gjerris was elected Vice- President and F.lsamat Honorary Vice-President.

Part of the proceedings were published in Acta Neurochirurgica 1990,105, 57-86.


The Fifth Meeting:

The fifth convention was presided by.E.Pasztor in Budapest, Hungary, on September 19- 22,1990. The general subject was "Language and Speech" with a special stress on the problem of communication. For the first time, the convention was held two years after the previous one and this biennial schedule has been maintained since then. The Budapest convention was attended by 75 members of the Academy and by 45 spouses, coming from 39 countries (24 from Japan and 15 from Germany)

Following the rules of the Academy constitution, K.S.Choi became President and FI.Gjerris President-Elect; N.G.Dan was elected Vice-President and R.H.Gustilo Honorary Vice- President. As new secretaries, H.Kikuchi and T.Trojanowski were elected respectively for Asia and Europe. Because the terms of the Asian treasurer and of the chairman and members of the membership committee had come to an end, Shi H.Huang was appointed treasurer and R.Fahlbusch chairman of the membership committee, together with L.Calliauw, J.U.Song, J.Vajda and S.H.Wang as members of this committee.

The proceedings of the Budapest convention "Language and Speech" were published in Acta Neurochirurgica, 1993,Supplementum 56.


The Sixth Meeting:

The sixth convention, presided by Kil Soo Choi, took place in Seoul, Korea, on September 16-19,1992 . The general topic was Behaviour and Neurosurgery; the Oriental (Japanese, Chinese, Indian) and European (Mediterranean, central Europe, Russian) conceptions were once more fruitfully considered with regard to the behavior in relation to mentality, personality and various pathological conditions.

During the general assembly on September 18,Flemming Gjerris became the President and Noel Dan President-Elect; A.van Alphen was elected Vice -President and L.Calliauw

Honorary Vice- President; G.Stroobandt was elected treasurer, thus replacing van Alphen and as J.Brihaye replaced W.Luyendijk as Historian.


The Seventh Meeting:

The seventh convention was presided by Flemming Gjerris and was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 6-8, 1994, dealing with the main theme "Future neurosurgery as a reflection of neurosurgical history".

The Scientific Meeting was held in The Royal Danish Yacht Club and all the members stayed in the Admiral Hotel. The convention opened with get together party at the Royal Danish Yacht Club on Wednesday October 5th at 20.00. On Friday, October 7th a Banquet was given at the Royal Danish National Museum.

30 high quality papers were presented during the meeting. The scientific quality of the meeting as much as the social part was appreciated by participants.


The Eighth Meeting:

The 8th convention of the Academy was held at the Ritz Carlton Double Bay Hotel of Sydney-Australia in November 8th, 1996. The president was Professor Noel Dan and the • main theme was "Art, Music and Brain". In Sydney the convention was attended by 30 academicians and 29 accompanying persons. Thirty-six apologies were received. In the general assembly Professor H.W. Pia and Professor K. Sano, founders of the Academy were nominated and elected as honorary members.

The membership committee proposed 15 new candidates as members and all proposed candidates were elected. The new members were: Professor I.A.Raja, Professor A. Takaku, Professor T. Hayakawa, Professor T. Hori, Professor J. Yoshida, Professor A. Yamamura, Professor W. Leem, Professor D.Y. Choi, Professor G. Fabinyi, Professor N. Dorsch, Professor I.J. Nyari, Professor M.N. Pamir, Professor H. Rappoport, Professor L Salford and Professor G. Teasdale.

As new officers the following list was presented and elected: President Professor vanAlphen, president-elect. Professor Satyanegara, vice-president Professor D. Thomas, honorary-vice president Professor Ozgen, secretary Professor Trojanowski, secretary Prof Choi, treasurer Professor Stroobandt, treasurer Professor Fukui, chairman of the membership committee Professor Hung, historian Professor Takakura, past president Professor Dan. Finally Professor vanAlphen gave information on the next meeting in the Netherlands and invited all members to this upcoming event.


The Ninth Meeting:

The 9th convention of the Academy was held at the Chateau StGerlach in the Netherlands between July 29th - August 1st, 1998. The president was Professor vanAlphen and the main theme of the meeting was "Ethics in Neurosurgery".

Thirty-three academicians attended the meeting and 27 appologies were received from other members. Sessions with lectures and free-presentations were very fruitful and these were followed by high-level discussions.

In the general assembly the definition of "senior member" was discussed extensively and it was decided that this should be prepared and voted on in the next general assembly meeting. Seven candidates for new membership were proposed and all were elected in a secret ballot. The new members were Professor N. Hashimoto, Professor M.C. Kano, Professor S. Kobayashi, Professor C. Plets, Professor J.J.J. Avezaat, Professor R.Thomeer and Professor F.lannotti.

The president proposed Professor J Brihaye, one of the founders of the Academy, as honorary member of the Academy. Professor Brihaye was elected honorary member by the general assembly and he expressed his thanks and feelings to members participating in the general assembly.

New officers were elected: President Professor J. Satyanegara, president-elect. Professor D.G.T. Thomas, vice-president Professor T. Kirino, honorary-vice president Professor I.A. Raja, Secretary Professor A. Radek, treasurer professor G. Stroobandt, treasurer Professor

M. Fukui, chairman of the membership committee Professor CC Hung, historian Professor K Takakura, past president Professor H.A.M. vanAlphen.

Professor Teasdale proposed that every "he" referring a member in the constitution should

be replaced by "he/she" and this change was approved.

Professor Satyanegara gave information about the next meeting in Bali.


The Tenth Meeting:

The 10th convention of the Academy was held at the Hilton International Hotel in Bali- Indonesia between July 28-30, 2000. The President was Professor Satyanegara and the main theme of the meeting was "Fantasy of the Brain". The academicians were very impressed by the historical culture and the atmosphere of Indonesia. In the general assembly Professor F Loew was proposed and elected as honorary member of the Academy. Eight candidates were proposed as new members by the membership committee. All were voted and elected. The new members were: Professor U. Kosan, Professor K. Wiradisasta, Professor B. Sadasiran,

Professor K.E. Turel, Professor B.K. Cho, Professor T.K. Kawase, Professor Y. Toshiki, Professor T.A. Nippon.

New officers were elected: president Professor D.G.T. Thomas, president-elect. Professor T. Kirino, vice-president Professor R. Fahlbusch, honorary vice-president Professor T Trojanowski, secretary Professor K.S. Choi, secretary Professor A. Radek, treasurer Professor D.A. Bosch, treasurer Professor T Kanno, Chairman of the membership committee Professor C.G. Stroobandt, historian Professor K.Takakura, past-president Professor J. Satyanegara.


The Eleventh Meeting:

The 11th convention of the Academy was held in London, June 27-29, 2002. President of the meeting was Professor D Thomas and the main theme of the meeting was "Molecular Biology in Neurosurgery." The meeting was appreciated for its high scientific quality. Professor D Mendelow, Professor K.W. Lindsay, Professor S.S.Mooij, Professor J. Nikkhah, Professor C. Kuday, Professor N. Akalan and Professor T Sassaki were elected as new members of the Academy.

New officers were elected and Professor Kirino was elected as president. The other members were as follows: president-elect Professor R. Fahlbusch, honorary vice president Professor T Trojanowski, past-president Professor D Thomas, secretary Professor M.N. Pamir, secretary Professor K.S. Choi, treasurer Professor A.Bosch, chairman of the membership committee Professor G Stroobandt.

The membership committee proposed, voted and accepted that three supporters should be required for membership proposals.

Professor Kirino gave a brief explanation of the place and the theme of the next convention.


The Twelfth Meeting:

The 12th convention of the Academy was held in the beautiful historical city of Nara- Japan between Octoberl 0-12, 2004. The president was Professor T. Kirino. and the two main themes of the meeting were functional restoration and regeneration of the brain and neurosurgical education.

Forty members, 11 non-members, 9 fellows and 21 accompanying persons were present at the meeting. The scientific meetings were held at the Nara-Ken new public hall and a welcome reception was given at the Nara Hotel on October 10th. On the next day at noon a tour of historical places was organized and farewell party was given the same night at Nara- Ken. Tours were organized for accompanying persons.

Twenty-four scientific presentations were given and they induced very high quality discussions. The guest lecturer was Professor M. Nakafuku who held a special lecture on "neural stem cells and brain self repair".

Thirty-one academicians attended the general assembly. These were: Professor R.L. Atkinson, Professor N. Dan, Professor G. Fabinyi, Professor G.A. Stroobandt, Professor S-Y Yang, Professor R. Fahlbusch, Professor G Nikkah, Professor H.J. Reulen, Professor J. Schramm, Professor Z.H. Rappaport, Professor M. Fukui, Professor T. Kanno, Professor T. Kirino, Prof T. Sasaki, Professor K. Takakura, Professor B-K. Cho, Professor K.S. Choi, Professor C.J.J. Avezaat, Professor A.Bosch, Professor I.A. Raja, Professor A.J. Radek, Professor T. Trojanowski, Professor M.C Khao, Professor C-J.Shih, Professor N. Akalan, Prof T.Ozgen, Prof. C. Kuday, Professor M.N. Pamir, Professor K.W.Lindsay, Professor H.M. Mehdorn, Professor K.Hirikawa.

New members were proposed by the membership committee, all of whom were voted and elected. The new members were Professor A.H. Kaye, Professor M.K. Morgan, Professor J- Z. Zhao, Professor L-F.Zhou, Professor W.S. Poon, Prof H Bertalanffy, Professor V. Seifert, Professor S. Constantini, Professor R. Delfini, Professor Y.Kato, Professor T. Tominaga, Professor H.W. Jung, Professor J.M. Abdulah, Professor M. M. Ozek. An extensive discussion was held on the definitions "Active member" and "senior member". New officers for the period of 2004-2005 were proposed, voted on, elected and Professor R. Fahlbusch was commissioned as president to organize the next meeting. Other officers were as follows: president-elect Professor S.Y. Yang, vice president Professor M.N. Pamir, honorary-vice president Professor D.G. Thomas, secretaries Professor N. Akalan, Professor K.S. Choi, treasurer Professor G. Nikkah, treasurer Professor T. Kanno, chairman of the membership committee Professor Z.H. Rappaport, historian K. Takakura and past president Professor T. Kirino. At the conclusion Professor Fahlbusch gave information on the next meeting.


The 13th Convention of AEN:

The 13th convention of the Academy was held, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the German Academy of Neurosurgery, at the Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg, Germany on September 1-5, 2005. The president was Prof Rudolph Fahlbusch and the main theme of the convention was “Medical Technologies for neurosurgery”. Total of 127 persons including 25 members, nonmembers and accompanying persons participated in the convention. Scientific meetings began on Thursday, September 1st, 2005 at 1:00 PM Hotel Residenzschloss and continued on Saturday September 2nd and September 3rd. With 17 invited lectures as well as 15 oral presentations the scientific level of the meetings was very high. The social program was also superb. On Thursday, September 1st, 2005 at 6:00PM an organ concert was given at the Kaiserdom. After the concert, academicians had a reception at the Kaisersaal Neue Residenz. On Friday, September 2nd, 2005 after the lunch at 2:00PM the medical valley tour was organized with bus transfer and during this tour the academicians had the opportunity to see recent advances in neuroimaging systems. After the medical valley tour at 7:00PM the Academicians experienced a wonderful Franconian evening at the Giech Castle. A black tie banquet was held on Saturday September 3rd at 8:00PM at the Spiegelsaal of the ETA Hoffmann Theater. Before the banquet an unforgettable recital was given by Mrs Hanna Fahlbusch. Also the staff of the neurosurgery department made a presentation for retirement of President Prof Rudolf Fahlbusch. The business meeting took place on Friday September 2nd at 12:00PM. Four new members were proposed by the membership committee, voted and elected. The newly elected members were: Prof Marc Sindou, Lyon-France; Prof Tiit Mathiesen, Stockholm-Sweden, Prof Kemali Baykaner, Ankara-Turkey; Prof Jacques Brotchi, Brussels-Belgium. New officers for the 2005-2007 period were proposed, voted on, elected. Prof SY Yang was elected as the President of Academia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica and as organizer of the next convention. Other officers were as follows: President elect Prof MN Pamir; vice president Prof K Turel; Honorary vice president Prof D Thomas; Secretary (Europe) Prof N Akalan, Secretary (Asia) Prof KS Choi; Treasurer( Europe) Prof G Nikkah; Treasurer( Asia) Prof T Kanno; Chairman of the membership committee Prof ZH Rappaport; Historian Prof K Takakura; Past president Prof R Fahlbusch. After Prof Yang gave a briefing on the next meeting, Prof Fahlbusch thanked all participants and concluded the meeting.

The 14th Convention of AEN:

The 14th convention of the Academy was held at the Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel- Tianjin, China on September 14-16, 2007. The president was Prof Shuyuan Yang and the main theme of the convention was “. The challenge of neurosurgery in the 21st century.” A total of 92 persons, including 32 academicians, non-members and accompanying persons participated in the convention. Scientific meetings began on Friday 14th 2007 at 13:30PM at the Renaissance TEDA Hotel and continued on September 15th and September 16th. Thirty-five oral presentations were given and the scientific level of the meetings was very high. The social program was very lively: On Friday September 14th a lunch was organized at 12:00 PM at the grand ballroom of the Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel. The dinner was organized on the same day at 7:00PM in the same room. On Saturday September 15th at 4:00PM the Hasly TCM garden was visited. Thereafter a bus transfer was organized to the Holiday Inn Hotel and the dinner was served. During the dinner academicians watched a wonderful Peking opera and concert. On Sunday September 16th at 7:00PM a banquet-dinner was organized in the grand ball room of the Renaissance TEDA Hotel. The general assembly took place on Sunday September 16th at 10:30AM in the meeting room of the Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel. During the assembly Prof Pamir and Prof Fahbusch’s proposal on gold medal of the academy and the academy award were presented and suggested as an addendum to the constitution. The proposal was voted on and accepted. Six new members were proposed by the membership committee, voted on and elected. Newly elected members were: Prof Shiguand Zhao-China, Prof Christianto Lumenta-Germany, Prof Jörg-Christian Tonn-Germany, Prof Dong Gyu Kim-Korea, Prof Kazuhiro Hongo-Japan and Prof Panagiotis Selviaridis-Greece. In the same meeting, new officers of the 2007-2009 period was proposed, voted on and elected. Prof M N Pamir was elected as the President of the Academia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica and as organizer of the next convention. Other officers were as follows: President elect K Turel; Vice President JD Pickard; Honorary vice president Prof NG Dan; Secretary (Asia) Prof KS Choi; Secretary(Europe) Prof N Akalan; Treasurer(Europe) Prof G Nikkah; Chairman of the membership committee Prof ZH Rappaport; Historian Prof R Fahlbusch; Past President Prof SY Yang. After Prof Pamir made his presentation about the next convention, which would be held in 2009 in Istanbul, ProfFahbusch thanked all presidents and concluded the meeting.