Dear Academicians,


The Academia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica was established in 1984 by Professor Hans Werner Pia and Professor Keji Sano. With its motto "Humanitati et Arti", the raison d'être of the Academia is to promote scientific, academic, social and cultural exchanges, and mutual understanding between neurosurgeons of Asia and Europe.
Conventions alternate on a two-yearly basis between Europe and Asia. Each convention has concentrated on a theme ranging from consciousness and communication, ethics, and education to molecular neurosurgery, advanced technologies, and futurology. Invited guest lecturers such as the Dalai Lama, yoga master Iyengar, and experts in philosophy and religion have expanded the scope of our discussions to broader vistas.

The memorable social events have reflected the different living styles and cultures of the academicians in their countries and have allowed for the development of friendships otherwise not possible.

Even in this day and age of globalization, cross-cultural contact remains important in cultivating tolerance and open-mindedness. The Academia provides the platform for the mingling of minds from our diverse backgrounds, to the benefit of us all.



Prof. Tiit Mathiesen